The Jay Z Gold Window

Entry Details

Entrant Company: kbs+, New York


Award: Gold

Year: 2014

Medium: Marketing & Advertising

Category: Retail invention



Entrant Company: kbs+, New York
Agency: kbs+, New York
Creative Agency: kbs+, New York
Brand: Jay Z Gold, New York
Client: Parlux, New York
Production Company: The Armoury, New York
Editing Company: The Armoury, New York
Web Development Company: Spies & Assassins, New York
Visual Effects Company: The Armoury, Color Correction, New York
Other: Future Colossal, Experience Designer, New York
President & Co-Chief Creative Officer: Ed Brojerdi kbs+
Chief Creative Officer: Izzy DeBellis kbs+
Creative Director: Kevin Keehn kbs+
Creative Director: Cesar Rubin kbs+
Copywriter: Chris Lane kbs+
Art Director: Anna Yeager kbs+
Designer: Dave Kerr kbs+
Experience Designer: Jake Lee-High Future Colossal
Director, Special Projects: Evan Kantor kbs+ Spies & Assassins
Product Architect: Matt Richard kbs+ Spies & Assassins
Product Architect: Mauricio Sanchez kbs+ Spies & Assassins
Chief Information Officer: Matt Powell kbs+ Spies & Assassins
Executive Producer: Jenny Read kbs+
Director of Photography: Matthew Pizzano The Armoury
Director: Kevin Osgood The Armoury
Line Producer: Megan Jolly The Armoury
Editor: Kevin Osgood The Armoury
GFX/Color Correction: Dana Yee The Armoury
Account Executive: Erin Albertson kbs+
Account Director: Tim Rivera kbs+
Director, Print Production: Virginia Kornfeld kbs+
Producer: Craig Shuster kbs+