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Scott Cullather

Founder & Global Managing Partner

Scott Cullather


Global Managing Partner Scott Cullather founded INVNT, a brand communications agency with a focus on experiential marketing and live events, in the height of the 2008 recession.  Despite the economic uncertainty he left the comfort of a previous agency that had been his home for over 18 years because he saw an unmet need in the marketplace.  Cullather had a vision for an agency – INVNTrs and offices strategically located around the world collaborating with brands and organizations to deepen their relationships with their customers, consumers, press, employees and other target audiences.  

Just six years later, INVNT supports brand messaging for some of the world’s largest companies and trade associations. The firm’s diverse client list reads like a who’s who of the best-known brands on the planet including PepsiCo, ESPN, Subway, Nissan Infiniti, Miele, Grant Thornton and Honeywell.  With 65 full time INVNTrs in offices located in New York City, London, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Detroit and Laguna Beach INVNT has designed and produced experiences in over 50 countries on six continents.  

From envisioning and producing PepsiCo’s #PEPCITY, a 10,000 square foot multi-sensory brand experience and home to over 15,000 Super Bowl fans, to conceiving and executing the launch of Opel ADAM at the Paris Motor Show where ADAM accelerated to number 4 on the list of Top 20 Most Visible Cars at the show, to creating and designing GM Family Day in Shanghai INVNT’s work “connects audiences, builds believers and makes an impact on the world” says Cullather.  “At INVNT we live to imagine and deliver unique creative solutions that are on brand, on point and stand out in order to change the way people think, feel, behave and perform.”

To realize his vision Cullather believed he had to establish a single guiding principal for INVNTrs around the world.  While walking through the Forbidden City in Beijing he was suddenly struck by the complete and total focus and unity in every aspect of the place.  It was then he realized he needed to align what he saw as the mind, body and soul of INVNT - “the mind being our brand positioning and belief system; the body being our service offering, what we create and how we deliver value to our clients; and the soul being our company culture” says Cullather.  

That idea has been crystallized in the INVNT brand positioning Challenge Everything.  “It shapes who we are, what we stand for, who we hire, the clients we work for and most importantly, the quality of our work which creates the kind of change our clients demand” Cullather continues.

A tireless industry leader with over 20 years of experience in live events and experiential marketing, Cullather has been influential in changing the way organizations and executives communicate to their employees and key target audiences.