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Jim Garaventi

Co-founder and Creative Director

Jim Garaventi


As co-founder and creative director at Mechanica, Jim gets to do exactly what he’d hoped for when he helped launch the company: work closely with clients to craft meaningful brand positions, and help create interactions of all types to make those brands—and what they stand for—more relevant in people’s lives.

Over his 25+ year career, spanning behemoth NYC agencies to creative boutiques, Jim’s work has won national and international awards. His campaigns have appeared in industry publications, a textbook or two, and even on the walls of a fictitious ad exec played by Mel Gibson in a movie few people remember. Prior to working with a full spectrum of clients at Mechanica, Jim worked on brands including L.L.Bean, Four Seasons Hotels, General Motors, Swiss Army Brands, XM Satellite Radio, The Speedvision Channel (now Velocity), Fortune Magazine, Nextel, EMC, MFA/Boston and many more both big and small.

If Jim isn’t at the office or with his family, then odds are you’ll find him on a tennis court, a bike, or in the garage tending to the many needs of an old car.