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Amy Avery

Chief Intelligence Officer

Amy Avery


As Chief Intelligence Officer, Amy leads a team focused on data-driven decision-making.  Consumer understanding is at the center of the practice: understanding the audience and what they think, feel and do along their journey. This understanding helps Amy and the team move upstream into business strategy and also downstream, optimizing every dollar spent.

As obsessed with creative as the teams around her, Amy is constantly innovating, finding new ways to understand and predict behavior and redefining how measurement is done—connecting everything to the bottom line.

There is a common thread in her experience—she likes to build teams. Amy came to Droga5 from J. Walter Thompson where she built a full-service analytics capability, from business planning to optimization and ROI measurement. Prior to that, she was at BBDO/Proximity, where she was Head of Data and Analytics, building the digital analytics capability from the ground up. She has worked across nearly every vertical and spends her time working on brands like Sprint, Chase and Harley-Davidson.

Having solid grounding in direct, CRM and digital work, she has also worked as an Account Director, leading teams that handle website development, online media, direct mail, database management and measurement and analytics programs.
Away from her work and her numerous spreadsheets, Amy lives in New York City with her two children. Unsurprisingly, they have a tendency to ask why a lot.